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Updated: Oct 5

Lavender flower and ambar glass bottles filled with Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils are:

Organic, oils extracted directly from:

  • Plant leaves

  • Flowers

  • Fruits, Resin

  • or Wood, from different parts of the world.

Is obtained through the following process:

  • Distillation via steam or

  • Mechanical methods, such as cold pressing.

Essential Oil Distiller

This oils has powerful effects and it is important to highlight that all medications are based from this organic plants.

Taking a look over the history of Essential Oils you will found that:

  • Egyptian used this oils for embalm their kings.

  • Greeks used them to promote health by taking aromatic bath and massage.

  • Romans practice it as Aromatherapy, healing and cosmetics.

  • Chinese use it to treat medical and emotional healing.

Mother and daughter doing sign of love with fingers showing emotional wellness

  • French's in perfumary

Essential Oils are clasified in six categories, the following are:

Herbs Florals Fresh Citric Woods

Spices Antiseptics

The use of essential oils has been expanded to be used in others everyday household products to improve health and everyday wellbeing.

Is absolutely a wonderful legacy we should preserve and protect.

References: Epa.gov/Sustainability/learn

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